HUMOUR: How money works … or does it?

Consider the story of a R200 bill
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Clueless in the correctional centres of South Africa

Now would be the perfect time to lock up the ANC cadres … and set South Africa free.
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The True Power of God

Blowing Shofars, binding and loosening, prophetic proclamation, commissioning angels, proclaiming the Word over things including material objects, has become the norm in many Charismatic circles and even of the evangelical churches. But is it Biblical and does it actually accomplish anything? Have we not just replaced Old Testament Jewish rituals with our own New Testament versions? Have we not moved away from what truly matters and what we are supposed to be doing?
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Daniel Friedman hits back, HARD, after being Fired | Mail & Guardian's hit piece on Willem Petzer

Daniel Friedman was fired by the Citizen after an independent law expert found his “journalism to be extremely unethical.

He then ran to @mailandguardian to write a massive hit piece
on me, containing numerous lies.

I expose their blatant lies in this video.

Please be sure to share this video EVERYWHERE and with all your friends, so the truth can come out and my good name can be restored!

Willem Petzer, 2020/3/3

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