Meet the ANC (only) committee investigating ANC corruption in high places | South Africa

The Covid-19 corruption scandal involving senior NC politicians and friends will be investigated by an ANC only sub committee to the exclusion of all other political parties according to Herman Mashaba.
Related video: https://youtu.be/5-ZzsttzeZY
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EXPOSED: ANC as they try to silence their detractors | South Africa

More at: https://youtu.be/f90B6HFuZZ4
It’s a barometer of SA’s slide that whereas the country once had criminals quaking at the sight of the mighty Scorpions, we now have a rabble who believe
their main job is to act as private security for cretinous politicians.It was in 2008, a year before Jacob Zuma was sworn in as president, that parliament voted to abolish the Scorpions (conviction rate: 93.1% at one stage). In their place we got the Hawks — a feeble replacement and a national embarrassment.Show More
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This is only a test
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The Knock On Effect

It is crucial to understand the knock on effect of what is happening both locally and globally. A lot is going to change in the future and many of the policies implemented by the ANC will have to be revoked in an attempt to save our economy. This video was recorded and uploaded on 6 May 2020, and we felt the time is now right to release it. Plse watch the entire video to really get the bigger picture and what to expect next.
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A Christian perspective on South African Democracy

Russel, Scott, and Dillon’s Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGwFgf_LSGZr3Huhg0qEC5w

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