US Presidential hopeful Joe Biden exposed as corrupt

A second hand lap top computer has unwrapped many of Joe and Hunter Biden’s links to Ukraine and China.
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Anthony Hall lays a complaint against Malema and the EFF | South Africa

In the video linked here you will see how Anthony Hall is now taking on a corrupt judicial system in South Africa.
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This is only a test
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Interpreting Prophecy Part 2: The 4 Main Methods

This is part 2 of Prophetic Interpretation explaining the 4 main schools of thought regarding prophecy in the Bible. This has led to 4 distinct stream of eschatology, namely Historic Critical, Futurism, Preterism and Historicism, and every thing in between. So many people are trying to have a foot in every one of these methods resulting in confusion, fear and a misunderstanding of what God is working towards.
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Justice for Bredin Horner

Brendin Horner was murdered in the most gruesome possible way in a Farm Murder!

Let’s share this video everywhere!

Support his family, and demand justice for Brendin!

See you
guys at the Magistrates court in Senekal on Tuesday (06/10)!

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