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My Vaccine Journey

This is my personal journey of deciding whether to have the vaccine or not. Hopefully it will help those people who are hesitant and rightfully so, make an informed choice. I cover my own brush with Covid and the health problems associated with it, what Covid is, how mRNA vaccines work, expose some disinformation, discuss Ivermectin and finally what the stats are telling us about the efficacy of vaccines.
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You can reach us at email: info@changingparadigms.co.za
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The ANC bought SAA with PENSION FUND money and gave it to its Cadres for FREE

EXPOSED: the “Private Company” that bought 51% of SAA was not a private company at all!

The company is owned by Cadres with Deep Connections to the ANC and
funded by the Public Investment Corporation, otherwise known as the PENSION FUND.

Senior Researcher at the Taxpayers’ Union wrote a brilliant article on this, which you can find here: https://taxpayersunion.co.za/2021/06/14/saas-pseudo-privatisation-the-ancs-national-socialist-economic-system/

I made a video explaining what all this means for our future as South Africans, and how the Taxpayers’ Union of South Africa is going to fight this trend!

Be sure to share this video everywhere!

Also, be sure to join us at https://www.taxpayersunion.co.za

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