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    I need some input.

    The forum at is not being used and contains no sensitive information or discussions.
    It was originally designed as a secure facility where people could discuss matters relating to the future of South Africa in complete confidence and security, away from prying eyes. This will never happen if not even the leaders of the various groups are willing to log in or post. I accept that this forum is a total failure and the gift that was given with an open heart was rejected. That honestly is OK.

    Moving forward the entire security structure seems asinine. Keeping the site closed is not functional so I’m going to open it up to free public registration and participation.

    The first question, do we trash the whole forum and start again from scratch with no content, given that the little that is there was posted on the assumption that it would remain secure, although nothing sensitive has been posted? Or do I keep what is there and just open it to public?

    Second, if it were made a lot simpler by removing all the security blocks, would you actually post to the forum? Or am I just wasting my time?

    Each has its own purpose, and a forum is good for longer lasting content and discussions that build over weeks or months. Instant messaging is good for, well, instant messaging, but crap at sorting information and discussing specific topics.

    If the consensus is that I’m wasting my time then I’d be grateful to stop and spend more time with my kids, I honestly won’t take offence because I’m not doing this for me. Just let me know.

    So in short, the feedback that I need:
    1> Is it OK to open up the posts already on the forum?
    2> Should I just close the site instead?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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